Elegant on the outside. Full of surprises on the inside.



This stylish beauty is the first radio in the KREAFUNK collection ever. We’ve named it tRADIO and with its various features it will take your music experience to the next level. tRADIO is the perfect combination of creativity and functionality. On the outside tRADIO is defined by an elegant, plain and serene appearance, and on the inside, it combines the best of all playback choices: tRADIO transmits the traditional FM radio signal alongside the new DAB+ signal, and on top of that it also works as a Bluetooth speaker. So, with this new radio you can tune in on your favorite radio stations in the “old fashioned” way and through digital broadcasting, or listen to your favourite playlists on Spotify, iTunes, etc. On top of it all you can bring it with you everywhere, because tRADIO comes with a built-in lithium battery ensuring up to 10 hours of playback time.

Welcome to the digital age of radio

tRADIO prepares you for the future and takes you into the digital world of radio transmitting. Soon, even sooner than you might expect, radio signals will only be broadcasted digitally. Therefore, it is essential that your radio supports DAB and even more important, that it supports DAB+. The latter is the newest upgrade on the digital broadcasting front, which is spreading quickly and will eventually replace the existing DAB signal.

Technical specification

  • Functions: DAB+, FM, AUX, and Bluetooth speaker
  • Built-in lithium battery: 2x2.200 mAh
  • Working hours: Up to 10H
  • Bluetooth wireless transmission up to 10 meters
  • Smart native LCD display
  • Speaker resistance: 3Wx2
  • 64 preset stations: 32 for DAB / 32 for FM
  • DAB solution: CLOVANE
  • Bluetooth version: BK 4.0
  • AC adapter included with adaptors for Australia, EU, UK and US

Buy tRADIO, DAB+ radio, black

tRADIO, black w. rose gold front, DAB+ radio, w. Bluetooth 4.0, incl. stylish wooden box. Dimensions: HxWxD 11x19x6 cm
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